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3 Tips for a Snow White Smile this Holiday Season

3 Tips for a Snow White Smile this Holiday Season

Holiday spirit brings warm smiles everywhere. But, when our teeth are not at their best, we tend to hide our happiness. Keep your teeth healthy and snow white this holiday season by following these 3 tips.

  1. Whiten Your Smile Professionally

There are numerous over-the-counter whitening products. However, results often take time and may not look exactly how you hoped. Some special occasions call for a professional whitening that will make your teeth glisten like snow.

Benefits of having your dentist whiten your teeth include:

* eliminating the risk to your gums and enamel

* whitening the hard to reach places that home remedies often miss

* faster results

* seeing a more brilliant shade of white

Call your dentist today to ask about a customized whitening treatment that will suit you.

  1. Wear Red, Drink White

Fashion experts suggest that bright red lipsticks and sweaters will make your teeth appear whiter! Red wine, however, causes teeth to turn a shade of gray, so stick to the white, if you wish to celebrate with a glass or two. Other holiday treats that may discolor your teeth include:

* pomegranates

* coffee

* soda

* chocolate

* holiday punch

Also note that many whitening products should not be used immediately before or after eating or drinking any of these items. But on the bright side, there are foods that help whiten your teeth as well!

  1. Limit the Sugary Treats

Some of that holiday high comes from the candy canes, gingerbread, sugar cookies, and loads of  party desserts. But as Colgate explains, too much sugar can harm your teeth, no matter what age you are. To keep a healthy smile in Chalfont, they suggest that limiting the amount of sugar, and eating what sugar you do have with healthy foods, as they will help mechanically remove the sugar from your teeth.

You may find hidden sugar in the following choices:

* bread

* dried fruits

* salad dressing

* adult beverages

* pasta sauces

Just enjoy your favorites in moderation and mix them with healthy stuff, like from the veggie tray!

Follow these three tips for your snow white and healthy smile in Calmont. This will help make your holiday season merrier and brighter.

3 Tips for a Snow White Smile this Holiday Season

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