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3 Types of Summer Food That Wreak Havoc on Children’s Teeth


3 Types of Summer Food That Wreak Havoc on Children’s Teeth in Chalfont 

Do you know the 3 types of summer food that wreak havoc on children’s teeth? In ChalfontLike most Chalfont, PA residents, you will probably treat your family to some summer sweets. It’s hard to imagine summer without a trip to the ice cream parlor; however, letting your little ones over-indulge could have you searching for a dentist in Chalfont. The three types of sugary treats listed below are definitely some you’ll want to moderate.

  1. Sticky Treats Just Won’t Let Go

These foods are the kind that can become stuck between children’s teeth:

  • Taffy-like candies
  • Fruit snacks
  • Caramel

The sugar in these, along with lollipops and hard candies, stay in the mouth for long periods of time. This sugar is then broken down into acid and wears down tooth enamel, later leading to cavities.

  1. Beware the Sugar-Filled Beverage

It’s no surprise that soft drinks and sports drinks are loaded with cavity-causing sugar. If you’re trying to avoid emergency trips to a dentist in Chalfont, water would be a better alternative for thirsty children; however, no-sugar-added fruit juice is also a good choice. For the very young, consider giving fruit juice from a cup with a straw instead of a sippy cup, as this will help keep the juice from sitting in the mouth for an extended period of time.

  1. They All Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream, ice pops and summer go hand in hand. Just keep in mind that a small ice pop can have the equivalent of two teaspoons of added sugar, and on average, one cup of ice cream can contain around eight teaspoons. If consumed on the regular, that’s a lot of extra sugar hanging around. For a less sugary alternative, try mixing together fresh pureed fruit with fruit juice and freezing in molds.

Help your child brush and floss daily, and also schedule regular checkups with your dentist in Chalfont. Though important, having a great dental regimen isn’t enough, as the food choices your child makes also have an impact on their teeth. It may be an unrealistic goal to eliminate all of these summer treats; however, making a healthier choice on occasion could equal fewer cavities later.

3 Types of Summer Food That Wreak Havoc on Children’s Teeth

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