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5 Effective Treatments for Chipped Teeth

Adults and children alike can experience a chipped tooth at any point in time. Depending upon certain factors, such as placement, cost and age, different methods might be best. Here are five effective treatments for chipped teeth.

5 Effective Treatments for Chipped Teeth


A dental crown is one of the most commonly used treatments for restoring teeth in various states, including chipping. A crown is a cap that covers the tooth. It helps to maintain the full function of the tooth and provide a natural appearance.

2. Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is most commonly used for decayed or discolored teeth, but it can also be an effective option for chipped teeth. As the name indicates, the material is bonded to the tooth, providing a natural look, feel and function. This process does not require anesthesia and usually lasts for about 10 years.

3. Implants

A dental implant is usually administered when the complete tooth must be removed. The implant takes the place of the tooth to prevent infection and provide functionality. Though this procedure tends to be costly, it is sometimes needed to maintain oral health.

4. Root Canal

In the case where an individual has several broken or chipped teeth, a root canal may be necessary. During this procedure the dentist removes the decaying portion of the tooth and its root. It is filled with a permanent solution to prevent infection and usually covered with a crown.

5. Veneers

Veneers are comprised of a thin layer of porcelain, which is adhered to the tooth. This option tends to provide the most natural appearance and can last for up to 30 years with proper care. It also tends to be one of the more costly forms of treatment, but considering their longevity many see them as a worthy investment.

All of these treatments are possible options for individuals with chipped teeth. To determine the best course of option for you or your loved ones, consult with your local dentist.

5 Effective Treatments for Chipped Teeth

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