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5 Simple Tips for Preventing Cavities as an Adult

Oral health is often taken for granted which is why we suffer from so many teeth related problems. Cavities, being one of these problems, is very common and almost 90% of the adult population in America suffers from this condition. Even though so many people get them, cavities are not inevitable. They can be easily prevented if you know what causes them and know how to control those causes.

5 Simple Tips for Preventing Cavities as an Adult


We want to help you with these 5 simple tips in keeping cavities at bay.

1.         Brush Your Teeth Regularly

We know that this one is a cliché but it really is the most basic and easy way to maintain oral hygiene. It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. After you wake up and before you sleep to get rid of the bacteria accumulated over time. If you can, you should brush your teeth after meals too. Dentists in North Wales, suggest that you keep a small toothpaste tube and a brush in your purse, laptop bag or your car to be able to brush your teeth on the go.

2.         Use a Mouthwash & Floss Daily

Again, you have heard this one a hundred times before. It is important that you floss daily to get rid of the bacteria stuck between your gums and teeth. It may seem like a task but once you get into the routine of flossing daily, you will not even notice the effort. Also, use a mouthwash after you brush to give yourself that extra boost of oral hygiene. Mouthwash and floss tend to eliminate bacteria from the places that are hard to reach with a toothbrush.

3.         Drink More Water

Can’t start your day without that steaming cup of coffee or tea? Well, you probably are aware that these drinks cause cavities too. Especially coffee or tea with added sugar or milk and the carbonated drinks like sodas. It is better that you drink water instead as it is the healthiest drink available. Even if you just have to have that morning coffee, make sure that you rinse your mouth afterward. Better yet, brush!

4.         Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, whether it be the health of your vital organs or your teeth and gums. It can cause staining on your teeth in a very short time, cavities, gum diseases, give you bad breath and in the worst case scenario smoking causes cancer. So, for the sake of your oral and physical health, you should quit smoking.

5.         Know Your Cavity Risk

Dentists suggest that you come in for a thorough dental examination. This way you will have a better idea what the level of your oral hygiene is, which treatments you may require and we can have a discussion on which diets or changes in oral hygiene can help you avoid getting cavities in the future.

Looking for a Dentist in North Wales for regular checkups? Contact Smilestone Dental and keep your oral health in check.

5 Simple Tips for Preventing Cavities as an Adult

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