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Dental Tips for Expectant Mothers


The effect of pregnancy on teeth can be substantial. Some changes to a woman’s oral health can definitely occur due to the increase of hormones. When in doubt, you should consult with your dentist in North Wales to see what you can be doing to maintain good dental health during this time.


Maintain Your Regular Oral Healthcare Routine


Many women are nervous about seeing a dentist while pregnant. It is understandable, but as long as you inform your dentist of your pregnancy, you have nothing to worry about. The dental professional will most likely not take any X-rays, and you will get the care you need to keep your gums and teeth in good health.


Change to a Healthier Diet


You should be making changes to your diet anyway, but you also want to be mindful of what foods to eat to keep your gums healthy. You should avoid sweets and starches. You also want to have a sufficient intake of calcium, both for your own teeth and your baby’s. Some items that are rich in calcium include:


  • Yogurt
  • Leafy greens
  • Milk
  • Dried beans
  • Cheese


Reduce the Effects of Morning Sickness


Vomiting in the morning is an unfortunate effect of becoming pregnant. However, vomiting is detrimental for your dental health. It can cause enamel to erode, increasing your risk of developing cavities. You can reduce these negative effects by washing your mouth out with warm water after a bout with morning sickness. You could also look into using an antibacterial mouthwash.


Aside from all this, expectant mothers should continue brushing and flossing every day. Use fluoride toothpaste, and you may want to think about increasing the number of times you brush from twice a day to three times daily. By following a few precautionary steps and seeing your dentist in North Wales, you can be confident you will continue having healthy teeth during this time.


Dental Tips for Expectant Mothers

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