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Dentists List The Worst Foods For Your Teeth


Dentists List The Worst Foods For Your Teeth Chalfont  

In a recent poll of dentists, including dentists in Chalfont there were a number of foods, some of which were surprising, that dentists listed as notorious culprits in tooth decay and gum disease. The worst of the worst were those that led to plaque and tartar, the underlying cause of gum disease, while others were notable because they eat away at the enamel in your teeth. Which were the worst?

Sour Patch Kids 

Chewy gummy candies are bad because they’re so sticky. Chewy, gummy, sour candies are even worse because sour candies contain various acids that eat away at the enamel. The combination of being chewy and acidic is just about the worst combination for teeth. If you must eat sour chewy candy, you should drink a glass of water directly afterward to neutralize the acid, and (of course) brush and floss your teeth to remove the gummy goodness from between them.


Bread? Really? Yes, bread is bad for your teeth. The problem with bread is that it’s starchy. Your saliva breaks down the starches into sugars. What’s left behind is gummy sugars that very easily turn into plaque.


This isn’t exactly a surprise, but what may surprise you is that a recent study found that soda is as bad for your teeth as cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine. Carbonated beverages encourage the bacteria in plaque to produce more enamel destroying soda. Water on the other hand, allows your mouth to remain wet with saliva, which prevents food from sticking between your teeth and helps repair damage caused to the teeth and gums. Water is good. Soda, not so much.

If you feel like your gums are getting achy, sore, or bleeding easily, you may have gum disease. The time to take care of that is as early as possible, so schedule an appointment with Highpoint Dental, the best dentists in Chalfont today!

Dentists List The Worst Foods For Your Teeth

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