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September 10, 2015
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What Can A Cosmetic Dentist in Lansdale Do For My Smile?
September 10, 2015
Denture Dentist in Chalfont: A Low Cost Alternative
October 5, 2015
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Do You Need an Emergency Dentist In Warrington Right Now?

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist In Warrington Right Now?

Dental problems don’t always happen during regular office hours. Any dental problem that requires immediate treatment in order to save a tooth, stop ongoing tissue bleeding or alleviate severe pain is considered a dental emergency. At Highpoint Dental Medicine we understand that tooth pain and oral injuries, like a burst pipe, can occur at the worst times and often do. You just never know when a dental emergency will occur. That is why it is important to know you have an Emergency Dentist in Warrington that is there for you when you need them the most.

Common Causes of a Dental Emergency

Some of the most common causes of a Dental Emergency in Warrington are real world experiences like:

  • Experiencing a broken or cracked tooth as a result of chewing hard candy, ice, or even popcorn
  • Knocked out teeth or dislodged fillings or crowns while playing sports
  • A trip and fall
  • An auto accident
  • Swollen Gums or a tooth infection

A severe infection or abscess in the mouth can be life threatening and should be dealt with immediately.

emergency dentist in Warrington

You will want an experienced Emergency Dentist in Warrington right away. Highpoint Dental Medicine offers same day and Saturday appointments with our Warrington Emergency Dentist

Interim Steps

In the brief time before you see your Emergency Dentist in Warrington, it is important to take the following steps:

  • Keep your head elevated
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water
  • Ask your Emergency Dentist in Warrington whether to take ibuprofen to help relieve some of the pain
  • If you must eat, eat only soft foods like yogurt or soup
  • Avoid hot or cold liquids

If a tooth, filling or crown has been knocked out, retrieve it, place it in a container with milk and bring it to the Emergency Dentist in Warrington If the appropriate emergency steps have been followed immediately after the tooth has been knocked out, the chances are very good that the tooth, filling or crown can be reinserted.

Highpoint Dental Medicine features three of top Dentists in Bucks County under one roof. Brian Wilk, DMD is a top cosmetic dentist. Jill Zurek, DDS has been recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as a top Pediatric Dentist and Richard Titlebaum, DMD was named a top Endodontist. Why settle for less than the best for your family? When you need an Emergency Dentist in Warrington call Highpoint Dental Medicine at (215) 822-1866.

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