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Enamel Enemies


What is the hardest substance in your body? The answer is tooth enamel. The enamel makes up the hard shell of each of your teeth. Subject to much wear and tear, tooth enamel can even be harder than your bones. Even though it is tough, enamel does have its enemies.

The Hard Stuff

Tooth enamel is the part of each tooth that you see when you look in the mirror. Its purpose is to help you chew and grind your food while protecting the interiors of your teeth which are full of nerves. In addition to being a protector, it is an insulator that protects your teeth from feeling the effects of hot and cold foods and drinks. Even though tooth enamel is the super strong protective coating of your teeth, it can be damaged. So what could harm the hardest substance in your body? An energy drink can.

Damaging Substances

Even though tooth enamel is tough, it can easily be damaged by decay. This happens when acid and its corresponding bacteria come into prolonged contact with your teeth. The energy drinks are full of acids that can dissolve tooth enamel, and the sugar included in these drinks is a prime draw for tooth-damaging bacteria.

Consequences of Damage

Weaknesses in your tooth enamel from erosion and decay can make your teeth susceptible to cracking and chipping. If your tooth enamel totally breaks under the strain, you have an unsightly problem that hurts even more. You may feel pain when you eat or drink, especially if it is extra cold, hot, or sweet.

Try to limit the amount of energy drinks that you consume to help safeguard your teeth. If you are experiencing these problems, do not hesitate to contact a trusted dentist to assess the damage and formulate a treatment plan. Waiting to address the problem can spell trouble for your overall dental health.

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