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Four Problems That Might Affect Your Children’s Teeth

Four Problems That Might Affect Your Children’s Teeth

As a parent, you already know that caring for your children’s teeth is important, and this includes good dental hygiene and regular check-ups. It’s also smart to be aware of the potential problems that could arise so you’re prepared ahead of time.

  1. Teething

Of course, the first problem that any child will have is when his or her teeth start to come in. This can be quite painful, even if they are coming in properly. As children’s teeth begin to push through the gums, the gums will become sore and painful. This in turn can result in the child drooling and gnawing on things. The pain will cause them to be cranky and cry more than usual. Often, the first clue you have is that nothing you normally do will get them to stop crying.

  1. Swollen Gums

There are other reasons that gums can be swollen, or may even bleed during brushing. This is a clue that your child may have gum disease which is an infection caused by plaque that forms when food builds up on teeth. Daily and proper brushing and flossing can help avoid this. Once the problem has already arisen, however, you will need to seek professional help.

  1. Dental Pain

There are several reasons why your children’s teeth may be in pain. Often, a toothache is a symptom of pits or cavities in one or more tooth. If it is extreme, or continues for more than a day, it’s time to take your child to the dentist.

  1. Cracks or Chips

In the case of cracks or chips in a tooth, repair may be necessary. If an actual piece has broken off, that should be kept and brought to your dental professional. If the entire tooth has been knocked out completely, and it is not a baby tooth, it should be handled carefully and saved. You should always avoid touching the root of teeth. It’s extremely important that help be sought immediately for the best chance at restoring the tooth.

Instilling good habits is the most important way of ensuring the best health of your children’s teeth. For more information on what to do when problems do arise, please visit this website.

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