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Cheaper Invisalign™ Alternatives May Ruin People’s Smiles
November 29, 2017
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December 31, 2017
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How Cheaper Invisalign™ Alternatives Are Ruining People’s Smiles

How Cheaper Invisalign™ Alternatives Are Ruining People’s Smiles

Getting Invisalign™ in Chalfont is an exciting time because you are working toward improving your smile and boosting your confidence. However, if you opt for a cheaper alternative to this popular orthodontic, there is a chance that they could be causing more harm than good. You want to understand what the potential hazards of the cheaper options are, so that you make the best decision for yourself.


Expect to Brush Your Teeth a Lot


This probably does not sound like a bad thing, but if you are brushing more than three to four times a day, this can be problematic for your teeth. This can result in the enamel being worn down prematurely. In fact, it is estimated that up to 20 percent of the population have damaged their teeth due to overbrushing. With the inexpensive clear aligners in Chalfort, you have to brush every time you remove them to eat or drink or else they can stain and trap particles between the plastic and your teeth.


When the enamel on your teeth starts to wear down, the dentin, which is a type of hard tissue below the enamel, is exposed. This can result in teeth sensitivity, especially with hot or cold foods. Over time, tooth erosion and decay may occur.


You May Have Gum Sensitivity and Irritation


The inexpensive options may not fit your teeth properly and this increases the risk of gum irritation and sensitivity. The overbrushing could also irritate your gums and contribute to this problem. When you have sore and sensitive gums, eating can be uncomfortable.


With this information, it will be easier to choose the right braces for you. Just ensure that your dentist in Chalfort that you choose is experienced with Invisalign™. This ensures that your questions are answered and that your experience is as pleasant as possible.

How Cheaper Invisalign™ Alternatives Are Ruining People’s Smiles

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