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How Wisdom Teeth Got Their Name


How Wisdom Teeth Got Their Name chalfont


Wisdom teeth are a curiosity in many ways. Why is that some people get them and some don’t? How is it that some people do just fine with extra teeth but others have to see a dentist in Chalfont because of issues they cause? And, lastly, why in the world are they called that? The answer to many of these questions is a matter of simple genetics, just like some people have green eyes and others have brown. The last question, however, is answered through a little history, culture and basic dentistry.


What Kind of Teeth They Are


The term “teeth of wisdom” was used during the 17th century and in the 19th century was shortened to the name we use today. The teeth it refers to are formally known as third molars, as they are the third and final set of molars the human mouth develops. While first and second molars develop in childhood, third molars begin developing in adolescence and typically emerge when a person is between 17 and 25 years old. They don’t supply or indicate wisdom, so no need to rush out to see a dentist in Chalfont about getting a set to make you smarter!


Why They’re Associated With Wisdom


The reason for the association of these teeth with wisdom simply comes from the stage of life a person is in when they emerge. Since the other molars arrive when a person is a child, the third molars arrive when a person is an adult and presumably much wiser. Recent science has made “wisdom teeth” a more accurate name than ever, having discovered that our brains actually develop beyond adolescence and into early adulthood.


What to Do About Yours


To understand what’s happening in your unique and individual dental situation, a dentist in Chalfont can take a closer look at those wisdom teeth and let you know what options you have.


How Wisdom Teeth Got Their Name

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