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Top Things That Can Ruin Your Teeth

Top Things That Can Ruin Your Teeth

Here at Highpoint Dental Medicine we value your smile and want you to come in for the most minimal routine cleanings from your New Britain dentist instead of scheduling an appointment for repairs. As part of our humanitarian obligations to provide educational and informative advice to our patients, we have broken down some of the aspects of oral health care that will help you prevent damage.

#1: Chewing on Ice Cubes

Although it may seem like a refreshing and fun way to make use of that extra slush in your cup after you drive through your favorite fast food restaurant, chewing on ice cubes is a bad idea. Not only are your teeth softened from exposure to the sugars and acids in that beverage, but they are also prone to chipping and damage when you chew on hard ice. This is true, whether or not your New Britain dentist has installed fillings. Ice is one of those ambiguous substances because some pieces are small and easily crushed while others are larger and hard to compress. Putting this raw pressure on your teeth without considering the potential for damage is a big mistake that many make.

#2: Using Your Teeth as Instruments

Whether you think that your canines are a sharp set of scissors or that it’s okay to strike a blue-tipped kitchen match across them to light up, it is really risky. People have opened bottles and chewed their ways through a variety of stubborn materials for sake of convenience. While this may seem like it is no big deal when you experience no immediate pain, you will often notice the chips and damage to your teeth later as it slowly accumulates. Don’t wait for your New Britain dentist to show you the damage.

#3: Overbrushing and Using Hard Bristles

Just because it is healthy to brush your teeth twice a day does not mean that it is healthier to brush your teeth even more than that. When we brush our teeth, we are trying to remove the biofilm that builds up and transforms into irritating plaques if we don’t do it. A toothbrush is an implement that allows us to gently brush away the tartar without damaging our teeth. Because teeth are not as smooth as they seem when you look at them under a microscope, it is important that the bristles have some opportunity to get into the cracks and pits. When you brush your teeth obsessively, too hard, or use bristles that are very abrasive, it can strip the enamel off your teeth and do more damage than good. This is especially true if you brush too soon after consuming something acidic or sugary.

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