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Warning Signs of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is the dental term used to describe gum disease, which is basically the more rampant version of gingivitis. What first begins with bleeding and puffy gums (gingivitis) can quickly worsen into periodontal disease; which isn’t always as easy to get rid of. In order to reduce the symptoms brought forth by gum disease, one needs to receive dental treatments and expert advice on their case. A great way to fight off the chances of contracting gum disease is by receiving a cleaning every 6 months, and practicing good oral hygiene regimens at home.

There are three stages pertaining to gum disease. While the first two can be easily reversed, the third can be more impactful than its precedents. Individuals who are experiencing the following symptoms can benefit from booking an appointment with a dentist in Pennsylvania.

  • Gums that bleed when they are brushed or touched
  • Swollen and uncomfortable gums
  • Pain when eating foods of a hard variety
  • Teeth that appear to be getting longer due to receding gum lines
  • Teeth that are becoming mobile and crooked
  • Persistent bad breath (halitosis)
  • Painful sores in the mouth
  • Pus forming in-between teeth
  • Extremely red gums
  • General discomfort

The longer a mouth is being targeted by periodontal disease, the more chances it has of acquiring permanent damage. Periodontal disease eats away at gum tissues, weakening those tissues that hold onto our teeth. This can cause teeth to become mobile, which may ultimately result in the loss of healthy teeth. Should this occur, it can become difficult for individuals to properly masticate their foods, demanding that they inquire about implants, bridges, or dentures at a dental professional in Pennsylvania.

In order to prevent this unforgiving disease from impairing one’s dentition, practicing a stellar dental hygiene is a must. The first warning sign one should look for is gingivitis, as this indicates a clear need for some preventative action to be taken.

Warning Signs of Periodontal Disease

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