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What You Need To Know About Your Child’s Teeth


What You Need To Know About Your Child’s Teeth chalfont  

There are a number of myths about a child’s teeth that many people hold on to. Perhaps the most common one is that because children only have their baby teeth for a short time that these teeth are less important than their adult teeth. This is not true for a number of reasons. A quality dentist in Chalfont will know that a lifetime of good oral hygiene begins at a very young age.

Fixing Cavities

Cavities, caused by decay, often form in children’s teeth. Some parents might think it is unnecessary to fill in a cavity because the teeth will soon be replaced by adult teeth. This is erroneous due to such factors as

  • Baby teeth can last for several years,
  • Failure to fill the cavity can cause pain for the child,
  • Good dental care will teach the child about the importance of excellent oral hygiene, and
  • Maintaining the first set of teeth will help the second set come in properly.

A professional dentist in Chalfont should be able to clearly explain the benefits of fixing cavities in your child’s teeth.

Becoming Familiar With the Procedure

Taking care of children’s cavities is similar to that of adult’s cavities, with a few differences. The child might be more nervous than an adult, so it is important to reassure the child and make him or her feel comfortable. Metal fillings are often the best choice for children as they are less expensive and don’t take long to put in. In some cases, insurance will only cover metal fillings for children. As in adults, the decay will be cleared away by a drill and then the filling will be installed. The child should continue to use good hygiene to prevent further decay.

It is important children learn proper dental care early. The right dentist in Chalfont will help guide your child to a lifetime of strong teeth.

What You Need To Know About Your Child’s Teeth

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