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Why Sports and Energy Drinks Actually Damage Your Teeth

Why Sports and Energy Drinks Actually Damage Your Teeth


Sports drinks are great when you’re jogging or working out. But did you know you could be harming your teeth by drinking sports and energy drinks too much? To avoid a possible trip to the dentist, learn the risks excessive use of energy drinks poses to your oral heath and how you should moderate consumption.

Proper Use of Energy Drinks

Sports and energy drinks may taste great and give you an added kick, but they’re actually not meant for casual consumption. The purpose of energy drinks is to maintain your body’s hydration so you don’t get dizzy during or after a workout. They can also boost your energy level after a long day at work. But for casual drinking, put aside sports drinks and stick to water or natural fruit drinks.

Acidic Properties

The problem with energy drinks is that they contain high levels of acid which can potentially cause more tooth damage than other drinks with acid like soda or coffee. Repeated use of energy drinks actually wears away your teeth’s enamel. The end result is that your teeth are more vulnerable to cavities or discoloration. It can also cause tooth sensitivity to increase, making it possibly painful to eat or drink cold drinks. In addition, the high level of sugar in these drinks can spur the growth of bacteria that causes cavities. While some sports drinks lack sugar, they still contain acid that can put your oral heath at risk.

Consumption Tips

To prevent sports and energy drinks from causing tooth trouble, make it a point to follow these handy tips to proper energy drink consumption:

  • Don’t sip the drink throughout the day.
  • Don’t brush your teeth directly after consumption.
  • Only drink during workouts.
  • Rinse out your mouth after consumption.
  • Chew sugar-free gum after rinsing.
  • Keep in mind alternatives to energy drinks so you’re not dependent on them.

Now you’re ready to reap the benefits of sports drinks without worrying about a serious trip to the dentist!

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