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Thank you for visiting the Highpoint Dental Medicine website. It will help you become familiar with us, our services and our philosophy of practice. It contains answers to frequently asked questions and a broad range of information about dental treatments and oral health care topics. We believe in modern dental care that does not support the old premise – “when it hurts, fix it.” By practicing proper preventive care and coming to our office for regular checkups, we believe that most patients can expect to keep their natural teeth for the rest of their lives. Our mission is to provide outstanding care in an atmosphere of caring, competence, and trust.

What you can expect from us:

  • A high degree of professional skill and ability.
  • Dedication to your oral health care.
  • Proper preventive care that minimizes costly reconstructive work.
  • Extra effort to make your visits as comfortable as possible.
  • The right treatment at the right time. Fees that are fair and just for the services provided.

Our Philosophy

We believe that open communication between patient, doctor and staff builds a solid foundation for quality care and service. We encourage you to become proactively involved in your treatment and look forward to answering any questions you may have. Please contact our office at 215-822-1866 or by e-mail at info@highpointdental.com any time you have a question regarding your dental care.

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