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Tooth Fillings in Chalfont

About Tooth Fillings in Chalfont

Tooth colored fillings or white fillings are the standard for today’s modern dentistry. Silver (amalgam) fillings used to be the leading way of treating a cavity, however with the advancements in technology it has allowed for the development of a stronger and more aesthetically pleasing option that is more natural looking. Tooth colored fillings are a blend of resins and fillers. These materials share the same qualities as natural teeth and can help strengthen the overall tooth structure. Unlike the white fillings, silver fillings actually require some of the healthy tooth structure to be removed to better hold the material in place. This may lead to further damage over time due to the weakened tooth.

Benefits of White Fillings in Chalfont

  • Metal-free smile
  • Restores natural look to teeth
  • More affordable and less intensive than other options
  • Durable and virtually undetectable
  • Less sensitivity to hot and cold

American Dental Association Chalfont

Filling a tooth does not have to be a painful experience. Our team of experienced dentists, which are affiliated with the American Dental Association in Chalfont, always provides our patients with the gentle dental care that they deserve. As always, it starts with a numbing agent to make sure our patients are as comfortable as possible. Next, we prepare the area by removing the decay. Then, the filler is placed into the tooth. Once it has bonded to the tooth, the procedure is complete. The procedure is relatively easy compared to other dental services, but if not done correctly it can lead to failure and possibly further damage to the natural tooth.

Are you asking yourself, “Where can I find a dentist that is a part of the American Dental Association in Chalfont?”

Whatever your situation may be, the best way to determine whether white colored fillings are the right option for you is to come in for a consultation at our office in Chalfont, PA. At Highpoint Dental Medicine we make sure to treat each of our patients with the care that you deserve. With the Chalfont American Dental Association stamp of approval you can rest assured that you will be in great hands with our top dentists.

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