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What is a Chalfont Root Canal?

A root canal in Chalfont is necessary when a tooth has enough decay or has already reached the point where the tooth is dead. During a root canal procedure a dentist or endodontist removes the pulp from the center of a tooth and fills the cavity where the pulp used to be. By doing so, it can prevent the development of possible infection. If the area has already become infected, a Chalfont root canal can also treat it to relieve the pain and stop the infection.

How a Dentist Performs a Root Canal in Chalfont

  • First, a numbing agent will be applied to your gums in order to prep for the injection of local anesthetic that will completely numb your whole mouth so little or no discomfort is felt during the procedure. In some cases, nitrous may be used to help you relax.
  • Next, the dentist may protect the area of your mouth being worked on by placing a rubber sheet around the decayed tooth. This will prevent tooth chips and debris from being swallowed during the procedure.
  • Then using special tools, the dentist will use a drill to remove the pulp from the tooth and fill the cavity with special material to prevent infection.
  • Lastly, a crown or cap is usually needed to complete the procedure. The crown protects the existing tooth from further damage and restores it to its natural form and function.

What To Expect After Surgery: Root Canal Chalfont

Typically, you will still feel the effects of the anesthetic for a few hours so it is important to not eat anything as to not to accidently bite your cheeks or gums. Once your mouth is no longer numb you may experience some lingering pain. It should only last a day or two after surgery. You may take an O-T-C medicine to relieve the pain, but if the pain is too much, a stronger prescription painkiller may be prescribed.

Why Do I Need a Crown After a Chalfont Root Canal?

Due to the process of a root canal that requires some of the tooth to be removed, a cap or crown is necessary. The crown’s main function is to protect the existing tooth from further damage and strengthens the overall tooth. Overtime, the crown may become use with normal chewing and may need to be repaired or cemented on again.

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