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Childrens Dentist North Wales : New Years Resolution for Your Kids

As we close out the books of 2014, it is always a great idea to set goals and start off fresh for the new year. This is especially true when it comes to your kids. It is no secret that kids hate brushing their teeth (as do some adults). It can be a hassle just to get your kids to bed let alone brushing and flossing . That is why it is important to incentivize your kids to get them to start good oral health habits early in life.

Childrens Dentist North Wales: Dr. Lichtenstein

One way to keep track of their progress is to create a chart. Every time your child brushes their teeth on their own without being told, reward them with a sticker (or something similar) to give your children a sense of ownership and responsibility. Once they reach a certain goal, reward them with a prize or activity for example:




  • Healthy snacks : Kids love their sweets, but think healthy sweets in this case if you are trying to teach them good oral health habits. One example would be fruit like strawberries instead of candy or maybe frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.
  • Toys: Remember small awards go a long way so no need to whip out the checkbook every time your child hits a goal, but maybe something small just like when they go to the dentist’s office.
  • Activity: Choose a fun family activity like your local mini-golf or arcade to award them for their good behavior.

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