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What Happens When You Skip Your Routine Teeth Cleaning?

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Professional Teeth Cleanings at Highpoint Dental Medicine

It can be challenging to fit a trip to the dentist into your busy schedule, especially if you’ve fallen out of the habit during the pandemic – but missing a routine teeth cleaning appointment could have unintended consequences on your smile and your oral health. Here’s what happens if you miss your professional teeth cleaning at Highpoint Dental Medicine.

Why are professional teeth cleanings important?

Professional teeth cleanings are an essential component of any dental hygiene regimen. While a comprehensive at-home routine will keep the worst of plaque and tartar at bay, only a professional teeth cleaning at Highpoint Dental Medicine can remove the build-up that accumulates in the months between your dental visits.

Your professional teeth cleaning also gives your dentist the opportunity to screen for dangerous disorders like oral cancer and periodontal, or gum, disease. These conditions are often extremely treatable if caught in their early stages, making regular dental exams paramount to maintaining your oral health and protecting your well-being.

What happens to my teeth when I miss an appointment?

Your routine teeth cleaning is meant to remove several months’ worth of plaque and tartar from your smile. When you miss your teeth cleaning appointment, this build-up will remain on your teeth – and no amount of brushing or flossing will eliminate it once it has already formed. If left unchecked, plaque can create a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Severe cases of decay may even require a dental extraction. 

How often should I get a professional teeth cleaning?

Most patients only need to get a routine teeth cleaning once every six months, or about twice a year. If you have special dental needs, your dentist may recommend that you visit Highpoint Dental Medicine more often. 

What can I expect at my teeth cleaning appointment?

  1. Your teeth cleaning appointment at Highpoint Dental Medicine will begin with a short exam. Your dental hygienist will take a look at your smile to ensure that they can continue with the procedure. They’ll let you know if they find any issues, but most patients will be able to proceed with their cleaning as usual. 
  2. The actual teeth cleaning process will include the removal of plaque, usually with a small metal tool called a scaler. You may hear a scraping noise, but this is totally normal and nothing to be concerned about. 
  3. Once they’ve eliminated any plaque, your dental hygienist will brush your teeth using a special gritty toothpaste – you can choose the flavor – and an electric toothbrush. They’ll follow up with a quick round of flossing. 
  4. For the final step, your dentist will stop by and complete one final evaluation of your smile. 

Schedule Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment 

Highpoint Dental Medicine provides professional teeth cleaning services for patients of all ages in a relaxing and welcoming environment. To schedule your next teeth cleaning appointment in Bucks County or to learn more about our dental procedures, contact our friendly team or visit our website

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