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Why Do Certain Foods Taste Different After Brushing?

Dentist Line Lexington | Brush Your Teeth After Your Meals

Why Do Certain Foods Taste Different After Brushing?

Any dentist in Line Lexington suggests regular brushing for oral hygiene and to prevent common dental problems. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth can make certain foods and drinks taste bad. Why is this? After all, no one wants his or her morning glass of orange juice ruined by some toothpaste. To understand why the toothpaste is interfering with your favorite foods, read more.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate

The toothpaste that your dentist in Line Lexington wants you to use contains an ingredient called sodium laurel sulfate. This substance easily interferes with your taste buds, particularly when you are eating sweet foods. Sodium laurel sulfate also makes your mouth more sensitive to foods that are bitter or sour.

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What’s in Toothpaste?

Toothpaste contains a lot of ingredients you may not be aware of in addition to the sodium laurel sulfate. Some of the most common substances include abrasives, thickeners, fluorides, thickeners and water softeners. Most people do not recognize these substances because toothpastes also have sweeteners. Typically, the detergent that is found in the toothpaste can cause foods to taste bad. However, it is also extremely effective at breaking up the food particles in your mouth and getting rid of bacteria.

How Long Is Your Taste Affected?

In most cases, these substances can affect your taste buds for around 30 minutes. This means that if you want your food to taste right, you should eat prior to brushing or wait a half hour to eat after brushing. After time, the saliva in your mouth will dilute the sodium laurel sulfate and detergents. Then, your tastes will return to normal.

The good news is the change in tastes that result from toothpaste is only temporary. Also, following the recommending brushing advice from your Line Lexington dentist is a great way to improve your oral hygiene and prevent common oral problems. Therefore, make brushing a priority regardless of how it affects your tastes.

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