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3 Surprising Consequences of Missing Teeth

3 Surprising Consequences of Missing Teeth

 3 Surprising Consequences of Missing Teeth

Whether the result of age, injury or poor dental care, missing teeth can cause you to feel less confident and to hide your smile. This can have a negative impact on your social life. However, there are also several other consequences of this dental issue that may surprise you.

  1. Bone Loss 

When you lose a tooth, it can affect the area of the mouth it sat in. However, one issue that you may not be aware of is bone loss. The alveolar bone, which is responsible for supporting the teeth, may begin to deteriorate when a tooth is lost because contact with the tooth causes bone stimulation and daily growth. When you have missing teeth, the alveolar bone may become weaker and it may eventually cause your cheeks to sink in and make you appear older.

  1. Speech Changes

Losing one tooth may not cause radical changes in the bones that support the teeth, but if you begin to lose more than a few, it may cause a reduction in bone density and the loss of healthy gum tissue. When this happens, it may begin to affect the way you speak. Slurring and the inability to make certain sounds can occur with tooth loss, especially those that are made when the tongue touches the teeth.

  1. Increased Fracture Risk

Not only can missing teeth cause your facial landscape to change, their loss may cause you to be more susceptible to fractures in the jaw or cheekbones during a fall. This is because bone volume in the jawbone may start to radically decrease once you start losing teeth, and with a loss of volume comes weaker bones. Jawbone fractures may also be slow to heal if they do occur, which may result in medical complications.

Consider Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth and want to avoid the problems they might cause, you may want to consider having dental implants put in. Implants may prevent bone loss, help you avoid oral infection and make you feel more confident about showing your beautiful smile to the world.

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