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How Sugar Affects Your Teeth in Chalfont


How Sugar Affects Your Teeth in Chalfont

Do you know how sugar affects your teeth in Chalfont? Everyone is aware of the negative sugar effects on teeth. Without moderation, sugar can lead to cavities and other oral health problems that need to be fixed by your dentist in Chalfont. To understand why sugar should be limited, it is important to understand what exactly causes cavities to form.

Feeding Bacteria 

Your mouth is filled with all types of bacteria. Some of them are beneficial, but others can damage your enamel. The issue with sugar is that it serves as a food source for the harmful bacteria. Those microorganisms eat the sugar and produce an acid that wears down your enamel. This is what creates cavities. Without treatment, the acid will continue to bury down into your tooth, which can lead to extreme tooth pain.

Demineralizing Teeth

Constant consumption of sugar also leads to a process called demineralization. This is when vital minerals are removed from your teeth. Fortunately, there is a process by which these minerals can be restored, and it is called remineralization. Your dentist in Chalfont can help with this to an extent, but one of the greatest sources for remineralization is already in your mouth. Your saliva contains phosphate and calcium, which your teeth need to be strong.

Cutting Back on Sugar

There are plenty of ways to reduce your sugar consumption so that it has less of an effect on your teeth. Instead of chewing regular gum, you can opt for sugarless gum. Your diet should also be high in calcium, which means eating an ample amount of yogurt, cheese and various other dairy products. Green tea is also good for fighting bad bacteria as long as you do not add sugar to it.

If you have not seen your dentist in Chalfont for a while, then you definitely want to schedule an appointment. You can get additional advice on how to have strong, healthy teeth so that you will not need fillings any time soon.


How Sugar Affects Your Teeth in Chalfont

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