Caring for Your Children’s Teeth
May 28, 2019
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July 24, 2019
Caring for Your Children’s Teeth
May 28, 2019
Top Family Dental Care in Your Area
July 24, 2019
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Six Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Our Montgomery County dentist offers a variety of cosmetic treatments for the teeth or gums so that patients will have a more attractive smile. Visit our dentist for a smile evaluation so that we can make the best recommendations for cosmetic improvements that include:

Ways Smilestone Dental Can Help Restore Your Teeth

• Veneers

• Crowns

• Color-matching fillings

• Dental bonding

• Whitening

• Dental bridges


When patients visit our Montgomery County dentist, we collect medical images of the face and mouth to determine if the teeth and bones are healthy enough for cosmetic procedures. We can also take photographs of our patients’ smiles to use computer software to show the patients how procedures can improve the condition of the gums and teeth. Here are some of the procedures that we can perform to give a patient a unique and beautiful smile.


Procedure 1: Teeth Whitening


Whitening the teeth is one of the fastest and easiest cosmetic dentistry procedures that we can perform. Our dentist will apply a strong hydrogen peroxide solution on the teeth that will lift ugly stains from the dental enamel in only a few minutes. As the water is injected into the mouths of our patients, a bubbling reaction occurs that eliminates discolorations from foods and tobacco.


Procedure 2: Veneers


If a front tooth is still stained, then our Montgomery County dentist can order customized veneers to cover the front of the tooth. These thin dental restorations are attached to the front of the teeth with a water-resistant resin.


Procedure 3: Color-matching Fillings


Old metal fillings can ruin a smile, but today, it is possible to remove these amalgam fillings to replace the items with color-matching composite resins. Our dentist can remove the old filling, clean the cavity and fill the tooth in only a few minutes.


Procedure 4: Dental Bridges


We can create a new dental bridge to replace one or more missing teeth to improve a smile that has ugly gaps. Dental bridges have support systems that are made from metal and plastic that will keep the full-size dental crowns in place while a patient talks and chews food.


Procedure 5: Crowns


Crowns are cosmetic restorations that will cover all of the surfaces of a tooth. When a patient has a large cavity or a broken tooth, our Montgomery County dentist will repair the tooth with a root canal procedure before placing the customized dental crown over it.


Procedure 6: Dental Bonding


The edges of the teeth can develop small chips from wear and tear, but a dentist can fix these abnormalities with a bonding process. The bonding substance is mixed precisely to match the color of a patient’s teeth, and it is applied, shaped and polished in only a few minutes.

Contact us at Smilestone Dental at 215-874-0888 to learn more about restorative dentistry.

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