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What is the iTero Machine?

Have you ever had to have molds of your teeth taken at the dentist? Chances are it involved an uncomfortable tray filled with some ill-tasting “goop” that took implants of your teeth. Luckily, technology is advancing and fewer people are being subjected to this procedure.


The iTero Machine


The iTero Intraoral scanner does exactly what it sounds like—scans your teeth. The compact machine provides the most advanced technology available so oral health care providers can get accurate and detailed pictures of a patient’s teeth in order to provide the services he or she needs. The machine has been used in more than 1.2 million cases uses crowns, bridges or implants.

itero machine

Compatibility with Invisalign™


More than 600,000 patients have been able to use the machine during their Invisalign™ procedures. The accuracy often provides a better patient experience. With the help of the iTero machine, there are fewer fit issues and as many as 10 times fewer rejections of the product. Most patients report their dentist can provide checkups about 50 percent faster than they could before. The machine even allows for patients to see a simulated picture of how their teeth will look once they are done with the Invisalign™ treatment.

Education for Oral Health Professionals


The creators of the iTero Machine provide interactive and self-guided training for oral healthcare professionals who wish to begin using the machine. Included is four hours of clinical training with an instructor in an interactive online classroom. The instructor will be able to see everyone who is training and will have remote access to the machine. Training is flexible and can be ongoing for refresher courses or to train new employees.


Gone are the days of long, tedious and uncomfortable procedures to get imprints of a patient’s teeth. The iTero Machine aims to be an effective and convenient tool for dentist and patient alike.


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